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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

... for students ...
... for everyone else ...

FAQs for Students

Where can I find course materials for your class?
Beyond materials physically-distributed in class, there are two other locations to look: the course's BlackBoard page and my website's course materials page.

When is the assignment due?
See the syllabus. Follow directions given in class.

What is going to be on the exam?
Anything and everything covered in class is potential material for the exam. This includes readings, class lectures, group discussions, films, and assignments. It is wise to prepare for material in proportion to its emphasis and reptition in class.

Are we doing anything important in class today (and do I need to come)?
Do not ask this question. It is one of the few questions that violates the “There is no such thing as a stupid question” rule.

Can I come talk to you about a problem I am having?
Absolutely. If the matter is too complicated or personal to discuss over email
or before or after classyou can always stop by my office hours (See syllabus for scheduled office hours). If those times do not work, we can discuss an alternative meeting time.

It's now 1:30 in the morning. I sent you an email at midnight. Why haven't you written me back yet?
There is no reason to expect a reply back from me beyond office hours (your professors must sleep at some point, too). Also, I do not own a smart-phone (gasp!) and thus am not aware, on a second-by-second basis, who is trying to contact me.

I'm a Sociology major, but am freaked-out about Research Methods and/or Statistical Analysis. Do I have to take these classes? Will I survive them?
Sorry that you are freaked-out. A lot of people are stressed, intimidated by, or scared of these classes. Although you are required to take them for your major, many people who were equally concerned in the past have passed the class before and so can you! I recommend regular attendance, punctual reading of required readings, active discussion and participation in class and on BlackBoard, and regularly asking questions of your classmates and me.

FAQs for Everyone Else

Can you help answer a question I have about X?
Maybe—depends on what X is. If your question pertains to my research and teaching specialties, then yes I can help. If it has to do with something else within the discipline of sociology, then probably. If X has to with something of broader social or political concern, then maybe. If it has to do with quantum mechanics, mycology, or spectroscopy, then no.

Can I interview you?
Most likely, yes.

How can I send you a secure email?
My PGP public key is here.

Where can I find a copy of this article you wrote?
Most all of my academic articles are here. Popular and political pieces are not consistently archived (sorry).

What is a sociologist? Are you all socialists?
A sociologist is interested in understanding society and all manner of social relationships. Many, but not all, are also oriented toward addressing “social problems” that harm humans. Some are socialists, but not all. Most early European sociologists were located on the political Left, but were still social scientists who found their socio-political beliefs supported by empirical evidence. (Also note: sociologists are different from psychologists and social workers, too.)

I have another question...
Please send me an email at dmwilliams@csuchico.edu.


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