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Black Flags & Social Movements

Anarchy & Society (hb)
Haymarket version

Selected Recent Articles and Chapters

Dana M. Wiiliams. 2015. "Black Panther Radical Factionalization and the Development of Black Anarchism". Journal of Black Studies, 46 (7): 678-703.

Dana M. Williams. 2014. “A New, Complicated, and Discomforting Mission for the Discipline: The Radical Challenge to Study, Envision, and Practice Social Alternatives”. Contemporary Sociology, 43 (4), July: 479-482.

Dana M. Williams and Suzanne R. Slusser. 2014. “Americans and Iraq, Twelve Years Later: Comparing Support for the Bush Wars in Iraq”. The Social Science Journal, 51 (2), June: 231-239.

Dana M. Williams. 2014. “A Society in Revolt or Under Analysis? Investigating the Dialogue Between Nineteenth Century Anarchists and Sociologists”. Critical Sociology, 40 (3), May: 469-492.

Michael L. Rickles, Rachel Zimmer Schneider, Suzanne R. Slusser, Dana M. Williams, and John F. Zipp. 2013. “Assessing Change in Student Critical Thinking for Introduction to Sociology Classes”. Teaching Sociology, 41 (3), July: 271-281.

Dana M. Williams. 2012. “The Anarchist DNA of Occupy”. Contexts, 11 (2), Spring: 19-20.

Dana M. Williams. 2012. “From Top to Bottom, a Thoroughly Stratified World: An Anarchist View of Inequality and Domination”. Race, Gender & Class, 19 (3-4): 9-34.

Dana M. Williams and Matthew T. Lee. 2012. “Aiming to Overthrow the State Without Using It: Political Opportunities for the Anarchist Movement”. Comparative Sociology, 11 (4), September: 558-593.

Dana M. Williams and Jeff Shantz. 2011. “Defining an Anarchist-Sociology: A Long-Anticipated Marriage”. Theory in Action, 4 (4), October: 9-30.

Dana M. Williams. 2009. “Red vs. Green: Regional Variation of Anarchist Ideology in the United States”. Journal of Political Ideologies, 14 (2), June: 189-210.

Dana M. Williams. 2007. “Where’s the Honor? Attitudes on the “Fighting Sioux” Nickname and Logo”. Sociology of Sport Journal, 24 (4), December: 437-456.

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